What is Lymphedema

lymphedema is swelling caused by an accumulation in the interstitial tissue fluid from the lymphatic vessels. Usually due to difficulties in the return of the circulation lymphatic.

Various diseases can affect the lymphatic vessels.

Lymphedema is fluid rich in proteins and cells which tend to be fibrosis of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue which added complications occur infecciosoinflamatorias establishing a chronic deterioration in the absence of treatment accordingly.

May be primary or secondary.

At diagnosis must be distinguished from systemic causes edema, the latter affecting both legs while lymphedema may affect only one member.

Certain interventions, such as mastectomy, lymphadenectomy, trauma or tumors may develop secondary lymphedema.

The symptoms of lymphedema is more insidious, slow onset and progressive.

Among the complications of this disease are: infections, trophic disorders, skin , cancer and psychological.

In the first treatment is attempted otherwise tissue preservation surgery are used if necessary, while antibiotics should always have in the treatment of infections.

Also commonly used compression bandages or stockings. Diuretics should be avoided as long term use side effects that may worsen the picture.

Manual lymph drainage, it is the manual activation of the interstitial fluid transport through prelinfticos channels and lymph through lymphatic vessels. What is sought is to reproduce this by hand movements that for some reason the lymphatic system and can not do by itself.

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